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Dear Parents,
Look out! Dinosaurs are invading our school during the month of September! This theme is always a hit with our students. They enjoy pretending to be paleologists, making fossils, learning dinosaur names and exploring the habitats dinosaurs lived in. Some great vocabulary words are introduced this month as well.

September is National Childhood Obesity Month. 18% of children in Arizona are obese. Families and schools need to work together to make sure our children are off to a great and healthy start. Here at Imagination Childcare, we participate in the Empower Program. This program is a public health program for state licensed and certified child care facilities in Arizona that focuses on 10 standards to empower children to lead healthy lives. A few of these standards can help reduce childhood obesity.

Standard 1 is Physical Activity and Screen Time. While at school, your child is getting at least 1 hour a day of gross motor activity. No screen time is ever given to the Yellow class. If a short, educational clip is shown in any of our older classrooms, it is written on the lesson plan along with how long the clip is. Every December we show one movie as a special holiday treat.

Standard 5 is Fruit Juice. We do not serve juice at school. Drinking juice can result in decreased appetite for other nutritious foods, leading to poor nutrition. It is also associated with tooth decay. Instead we serve milk or water with every meal.

Standard 6 is Family Style Meals. The teachers sit down with the children at every meal. They make a plate of food and eat with the children to model healthy eating habits. Trying foods is always encouraged but never forced. A great way to tie in this month’s theme and vocabulary words is to encourage the children to eat like an herbivore or carnivore dinosaur.

For more information on the Empower Program, visit For more statistics on childhood obesity and what you can do at home to prevent it, visit the CDC website at

Thank you for allowing us to serve your family,
Trish, Teresa and Michelle

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September's Theme: Dinosaurs!

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