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March Theme: Reading is Fun!

Dear Parents,
Every day we celebrate reading here at Imagination Childcare! This month we will really dive into language and literacy by having in depth author studies, learning the parts of a book, and the older preschool classes will be introduced to the elements of a story.  Even though we read with your children daily, it’s important for their development that you also read together at home. To help build your home library, our school will be placing a Scholastic book order. Each classroom will compete to see who can order the most books. The winning classroom will win new books for their classroom and a pizza party! Further information will be sent home this week. If you would like to get a head start on shopping and ordering, please visit the Scholastic website at and use class code P22CC.
In an effort to enhance communication between teachers and families, we are now asking that you check your child’s mailbox nightly. This mailbox was for artwork but will now also be the place to find notes about what supplies your child may be running low on, ouch reports, and other important information such as the flyer that will be coming home this week about the Scholastic book order. 
As always, thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving your family.
Thanks, Your Management Team,  Trish, Teresa and Michelle

Incorporating Reading and Literacy at Home
Research shows that when families read together, learning happens and memories are made that last a lifetime. Family literacy is about family members enhancing reading skills with things they do together. It should incorporate a variety of tools: books with words, picture books, storytelling, dramatic play and more.
One thing parents or caregivers can do is make up fun activities that involve reading. For example, if an adult is cooking, they can make up a scavenger hunt around the kitchen for things that start with different letters or ask the child to follow the recipe, line by line. Also, remember that reading isn’t only a sit-down activity. There are many opportunities to practice reading outside the home. During a walk or drive to school, parents might ask a child to read the signs on buildings or point out everything that begins with a certain letter.
Components of a good family literacy program involve the entire family – children of all ages, parents, grandparents, etc. – regardless of the reading ability of each person. Adults should read to children in whichever language they are most comfortable. If a family member doesn’t know how to read, they can open up a book and invent the story, or share a personal story from their childhood.
In addition to parents, grandparents or other caregivers, one benefit of having older kids teach younger kids is that the older children actually learn more. For example, when an older child reads alone, he or she reads fast, but when reading to a younger child, the older one might have to explain vocabulary words, concepts and story lines. This also makes the older child a more confident reader.
Source: Read On Arizona. Visit for more great ideas and resources.

​Reminder: Tuition is due the Friday prior to the week attending. Holidays and absences do not reduce the tuition due.

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